About our Products
All of our products are raised here on our farm.
Our pigs are raised by us from the day they are born. We currently have 3 breeding sows and one boar on our property. We try to have one litter from each sow each year. They are all pastured and forested from the day they are born with access to vegetation. We also feed Non-GMO, soy free pig feed to help them get the vitamins and minerals they need as well as added protein.

Our cows are currently purchased from several reputable farms in the tri-state area. We have no problem driving several hours to get good healthy cows. We attempt to get them at a younger age so that we can ensure that they are on our pastures at a much earlier age. We run our cows off site at a local craft brewery where they enjoy lots of green pastures and spent brewers grain from the brewery and well as fresh air and sunshine.

All of our chickens are purchased as day old chicks and shipped directly to the farm where we raise them on Non-GMO Soy Free feed. We run two types of Chickens on our farm Our layers are Red Sex Links/Golden Comets. Once they reach 16 weeks of age they are moved into our chicken pen with the older chickens where they will live until they no longer lay eggs. Our second type of chicken on the farm are Cornish Giants. These birds are used for meat and are raised on the farm. They live in chicken tractors which allows them to be safely shielded from natural predators while still having access to fresh grass at all times. These birds are harvested at between 8 and 10 weeks of age. We are certified by South Carolina Department of Agriculture to harvest all of our chicken in our processing room here on the farm.

We us a USDA Certified Humane butcher for the harvesting of all of our Pork, Beef and Turkey products.

Our Products

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