Pork Products

All our Pork Products are Pastured/ forested and fed Non-GMO Soy Free Feed.

Tenderloin    $9 per pound

St Louis Style Ribs    $7 per pound

Butts/ Shoulder     $7 per pound

Ham Steak      $6 per pound

Thick Cut Chops   $8 per pound

Ground Pork      $8 per pack

Leaf Fat      $2 per pound


All sausage is in one lb. Packs

Mild Breakfast Patties     $8 per pack

Mild Breakfast Links    $8 per pack

Maple Breakfast Links    $8 per pack

Sweet Italian Brats    $8 per pack

Zesty Italian Brats    $8 per pack

Hot Italian Brats    $8 per pack

Medium Brats    $8 per pack

Mild Breakfast Chub    $8 per pack

Sweet Italian Chub    $8 per pack


Traditional      $9 per pack

No Nitrate     $9 per pack

Jowel Bacon      $7 per pack

Fat Back      $4 per pack

Penny Family Farm

All of our pork products are vacuum packed and frozen. All products priced by the pack, are approximately one pound packages.