Chicken Bones $4 per pack
Ground Chicken $9 per pound
Wings(ready to eat 24 pack)      $12 per pack

Boneless Breast      $9 per pound

Ground Chicken      $9 per pound

Drum Sticks(6-8 per pack)     $8 per pack

Quarters(2-4 per pack)    $8 per pack

Bone in Skin on Thighs(4-6 per pack)   $8 per pack

Wings(ready to eat 24 pack)      $12 per pack

Whole Chickens     $5 per pound

Chicken Feet(8 pack)    $4 per pack

Chicken Bones    $4 per pack

Chicken Frames(2 pack)     $4 per pack

Chicken Carcasses(2-4 pack)     $4 per pack

Quarters $8 per pack
Liver $5 per pound
Hearts $5 per pound
Chicken Necks $4 per pack
Chicken feet $4 per pack
Whole birds $5 per pound

Penny Family Farm

Chicken Frame $4 per pack
Drum Sticks  $8 per pack
Gizzard $5 per pound
Breast $9 per pound

All Products are vacuum sealed and frozen.

Chicken Products
All our Chicken is pasture raised and Fed Non-GMO Soy Free Feed.