Penny Family Farm

All of our beef products are vacuum packed and frozen. All products priced by the pack, are approximately one pound packages.

Filet     $21 per pound

Ribeye      $19 per pound

NY Strip     $17 per pound

Sirloin Tips      $ 13 per pound

Sirloin Steak     $13 per pound

Flank Steak     $11 per pound

Brisket     $11 per pound

Stew Meat     $9 per pound

Ground Beef      $9 per pack

London Broil     $9 per pound

Chuck Roast     $9 per pound

Pot Roast      $9 per pound

Beef Hot Dogs      $10 per pack

Liver      $5 per pound

Heart      $5 Per pack

Beef Bones      $2 per Pound

Ox tail        $10 per pack

Beef Tongue     $5 per pound

Beef Short ribs      $9 per pound

Beef Products
All our Beef products are pasture raised and primarily grass fed but do get supplemented with high quality spent brewers grain imported from Europe at Benford Brewery.  Please Email Us for Product availability.