Chris and I were married in 2014 after dating for several years. We were in the process to build a new home when we felt an extreme need to re-look at the direction in our lives. As life would have it we chose to purchase our current home in December 2014 that included 12 acres. However, the property needed some updating and TLC. We began working right away to begin the process to create our very own farm. Our hope was and is to create a farm that is as self- sufficient as possible as well as an environment that teaches our children the importance of hard work, patience and self-reliance. 

Chris has a long family history in farming. His grandfather and father were both farmers and he worked most of his teens and early twenties in various farm roles before becoming a paramedic. He is now a full time stay at home dad and farmer.

April's mother is a retired professor of botany and April worked most of her teens in a lab side by side with her mother learning about plants. As a child her mother boasted one of the largest gardens in the area allowing for a lifetime of learning. 

                    "THANK YOU CHICKEN"

When we began our first chicken harvest we started a tradition that became a part of our world. As we educated about what a wonderful thing it is to be raised on open pastures with sunshine, green grass, bugs and lots of love we explained that our gift to our animals is a good life. Their gift is feeding our families. In teaching our children about the gift that our animals provide to not only our family but to our farm family we provided a way to say thank you. Therefore, every harvest day, each animal is thanked for their gift by our son Lukas. He loves his animals especially his chickens. So as we begin each new harvest day we are thankful for our many gifts including our family, our health and what God has provided. And so began what we know as “Thank you Chicken”.

Penny Family Farm